Nanorobots in Medicine

Advances in technology have increased our capability to manipulate the world around us. Nanotechnology is fleetly arising within the realm of drug. Nanomedicine is the process of diagnosing, treating, and precluding complaint and traumatic injury, of relieving pain, and of conserving and perfecting mortal health, using molecular tools and molecular knowledge of the mortal body. An instigative and promising area of Nano technological development is the structure of Nanorobots. largely precise positioning ways are needed in Miniaturing in chip technology, optics, micro handyperson, drug, gene and biotechnology. The new manipulation technology is the desire to enter the micro and Nano world not only by viewing but also acting, altering micro and Nanosized objects. Nanorobots plays a critical places for numerous operations in the mortal body, similar as targeting neoplasm lesions for remedial purposes, miniaturization of the power source with an effective onboard controllable propulsion and steering system have averted the perpetration of similar mobile robots.

  • Nanomaterials
  • Drug delivery

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