Nano robots in Medicine

Advances in innovation have expanded our capacity to control our general surroundings . Nanotechnology is quickly arising inside the domain of medication. Nanomedicine is the way toward diagnosing, treating, and forestalling infection and awful injury, of calming torment, and of safeguarding and working on human wellbeing, utilizing atomic instruments and sub-atomic information on the human body. An astonishing and promising space of Nano innovative improvement is the structure of Nano robots. Exceptionally exact situating methods are needed in Miniaturing in chip innovation, optics , miniature technician, medication , quality and biotechnology. The new control innovation is the longing to enter the miniature and Nano world by survey as well as acting, adjusting miniature and Nanosized objects .

Nano-Bots Used in:

  • Killing the cancer cells
  • Delivering the drug to target cells


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